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4 affordable methods to support and award your employees

gold trophyAs a small company you may not always have the resources to pay your employees big bonuses or salaries but their is a way to show them your appreciation – Awards!  There are 4 easy to administer and affordable ways to tell your employee that the work they do matters. The awards are:

  1. Now Award which is exactly what it sounds like. Buy a stack of $25 gift cards or someting comprable and pass them out whenever you see someone doing something special or deserving of an on the spot award.
  2. Impact award is to recognize acts that positively effect the daily operation of the company.  These can be given quarterly or annually in the form of cash or a plague.
  3. Bravo award is an acknowledgement from an employees peers sort of like the Stage Actors Guid Award in Hollywood.  It means a lot when you know your commrades think your great.
  4. Premiere Achievement is a way to recognize, reward and retain employees who accomplish exemplary achievements and demonstrate outstanding performance.