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The Value of Performance Evaluations

Performance-EvaluationPerformance evaluations provide employers with an opportunity to assess their employees’ contributions to the organization but equally important is the fact that it is a chance to communicate and connect with your employee. This is an important part of developing a powerful work team.  If you don’t already have an evaluation format than the thought of this may be a bit overwhelming but the benefits outweigh the challenges. Performance evaluations can outline the acceptable and exceptional performance, promote staff recognition and effectively communicate and motivate individuals to do their best for themselves and the company.

The primary goals of a performance evaluation system are to provide a form of tangible measurement regarding an employee’s contribution to the company.  To create a performance evaluation system complete follow these steps and you will be on your way to establishing a strong and accountable workforce:

  1. Develop an evaluation form or template.  Make sure everyone is using the same one.
  2. Identify what elements of their job will be reviewed or measured. Usually evaluations are created by position.
  3. Set guidelines for feedback. I find a two tier feedback which allows the employee to rate themselves prior to their supervisor allows the employee to feel empowered to communicate their own accomplishments or challenges.
  4. Create disciplinary and termination policy and procedures. Also make sure they are reviewed with each employee when hired.
  5. Set an evaluation schedule either questerly, semi-annual or annual.

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How to Organize Your Workspace

Business opportunities can easily get lost amid piles of papers and disorganized hard drives. Here’s how to structure your time and space more productively.

Whether it’s business plans or business cards, conference binders or marketing copy, entrepreneurs have a lot of information to keep track of. When you’re running around like a chicken sans head, it’s hard to put a tidy workspace high on your priority list. Even if you can afford a personal assistant, that won’t necessarily solve all of your organizing problems.

One obstacle to getting organized as an entrepreneur is that a lot of organizing advice sounds intuitive and even obvious once you hear it. But there’s a broad gap between a back-of-the-mind comprehension and successfully implementing strategies for getting organized.

“If somebody doesn’t know how to [organize their workspace] they shouldn’t feel ashamed or guilty,” says Laura Leist, president of the Mount Laurel, New Jersey-based National Association of Professional Organizers. “I’m not good at graphic design or accounting, I hire those services out.”