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Top 3 Ways to Hinder Your Small Business Growth

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By: Nicole Miller on July 2, 2013

There are many factors that can make or break your small business. Take a minute and think, are you really contributing to the growth of your company or are you unintentionally part of the road block hindering its travel to success. As a business owner you play a big integrate roll in today’s economy so it is important to identify and improve on any non-beneficial contributing factors.

Do you find yourself stretched thin, focused on your employees, productivity, customer satisfaction, and the never ceasing competition? At times it can be overwhelming but it is not always about your passion for what you do, but rather your ability to overcome the obstacles of your business environment in order to achieve the mission.

1. The Superhero Crises Complex

Sometimes as President& CEO you find yourself flying and jumping to rescue your business from the numerous so called crises that occur daily. If you allow your situation to dictate your reaction this can lead to over exerting yourself to the point of exhaustion. It is in this moment when poor decisions can be made.

Hint: A way to solve this Superhero complex is to plan. When you fail to plan, you plan to fail. How to prevent this is to develop new ways to organize/prioritize daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly tasks. This will assist with the company’s overall progress in preparation for inevitable and unexpected.

2. You’re trying to do everyone else’s job.

The statement “If you want something done right you have to do it yourself” is a horrible motto to run your business by. Team work helps all your employees feel accomplished but when you choose to micromanage them you are minimizing their growth and forcing them to depend on you for everything. This is not being in control of your business but you’re hindering it.

Hint: The best way to prevent yourself from doing everyone else’s job is to hire employees that are willing and capable of taking initiative as well as making valuable independent decisions. President& CEO Mrs. Sheri Green of Ame Management Group believes in the power of the professional. She said, “As CEO of Ame Management Group I am humble and willing to roll my sleeves up to do any of the jobs here at headquarters, but I feel it is necessary to know when to step back and allow my valuable employees do what I hired them to do. Furthermore, this allows me to focus on being the face of the company and finding new opportunities for growth-which is also important.” Ame Management Group provides quality Human Resource, Staffing/Recruiting, Financial Management and Operational professionals with the skills and experience necessary to help your company move forward successfully.

3. Too many ideas to keep track.

It is good thing to have great ideas but when there are too many to keep track your mind is not the only thing that will suffer. When your constantly coming up with ideas without figuring how to effectively execute any of them, the focus is then taken off your product/service, customer and overall mission.

Hint: Find the appropriate partnerships that will help give your company focus, input, and strategy when it comes to the new ideas that you want to incorporate into your practices. Make sure together you are on the same page in terms of where you’re headed and how long you believe it will take to reach your destination.

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