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Independent Contractor Classifi cations Hold Many Risks

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By Randall D. Avram and Michael T. Rosenberg

Among the handful of employment law issues currently targeted by plaintiffs’ lawyers and government agencies, only independent contractor misclassifi cations are under attack from so many angles.

An employer’s decision to classify a worker as an independent contractor can be challenged as a result of any number of triggers, such as a federal or state tax audit, a benefits dispute, a workers’ compensation claim, an unemployment claim, a wage and hour lawsuit, a federal Department of Labor audit (or its state equivalent), merger/acquisition due diligence, or a discrimination lawsuit. Although each of these liability sources carries its own threat of significant penalties and costs, a mis-classification challenge on any one of these fronts threatens to trigger
attacks from all sides.

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Author: Sheri M. Green

Mrs. Green is the Founder and CEO of Ame Management Group and has over 20 years’ experience in Human Resources, Recruiting, Operational & Financial Management including 12 years in Chief of Staff and Director roles. She has extensive experience successfully managing departments of up to 35 people and implementing multi-layer projects on time and within budgets of over $30M. Sheri has Masters Certificate in Project Management and Organizational Development and is certified in Strategic Planning and Identifying Corporate Risk.

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