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Do you need help coordinating your employee benefits sessions?

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Although, you may be thinking about which candidate to vote for in the November elections, you should also be paying close attention to changes in your health insurance benefits.

The potential increase in cost affects your company as much as your employees. Understanding how every change, whether monetary or in plan coverage is important. Are you ready to review benefit summaries and answer important health plan option questions?

If you don’t have an onsite HR Manager to handle your insurance options, ask for help – remember, benefits are just as important as base salary to employees. You can be ready with one simple phone call – 301-298-5543.

Author: Sheri M. Green

Mrs. Green is the Founder and CEO of Ame Management Group and has over 20 years’ experience in Human Resources, Recruiting, Operational & Financial Management including 12 years in Chief of Staff and Director roles. She has extensive experience successfully managing departments of up to 35 people and implementing multi-layer projects on time and within budgets of over $30M. Sheri has Masters Certificate in Project Management and Organizational Development and is certified in Strategic Planning and Identifying Corporate Risk.

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